how a mohlin reel is created

Bo Mohlin working on a reel
Bo Mohlin behind his lathe working on a reel

Every aspect of production was done in Bo’s own workshop in Sweden. Starting with the highest quality bar stock aluminium until the final anodizing after engraving. All his reels are tested during fishing trips again and again. Feedback from Mohlin customers all over the world was always taken in account for continues improvements. On this page you can scroll through the many stages (but not all, that would take you hours) it took to create a Mohlin of Sweden reel and the heavy duty leather reel case. 

It all starts here!
Mohlin Disc Drum Brake
Improved Disc Drum brake for a Em Seatrout
engraving a Mohlin reel
The engraving of a Mohlin reel
Mohlin Em Seatrout
Mohlin Em Seatrout

creating Leather Reel cases

Few people realise how much manual work it took to create a matching leather reel case for each Mohlin reel. From start to end it takes about 8 hours of skilful labour. Below some photographs of how a reel case was made.

Bo Mohlin making a leather reel case
Bo Mohlin making a leather reel case
A mohlin leather reel case
The final product