other handmade mohlin of sweden products

On this page you will find other handmade products which Bo Mohlin sometimes likes to create. Like knives, leather rod cases, priests or other outdoor products closely related to the outdoor and fly fishing world. If you are interested to buy one of those items, please contact Bo.

Some Mohlin of Sweden knives
Some Mohlin of Sweden knives

On the the left 3 knives Bo Mohlin finished a couple of years ago. The blades are either hand made in Sweden or Danmark and from the highest quality. Bo added the the knife handles and leather knive holders to create thise great looking knives.

Bo also creates folding and filleting knives.

If you own a special rod, like a hand made bamboo rod, why not get yourself a hand made leather rod case to match it? Bo creates leather rod cases in different lenghts and diameters. This example has been painstakingly hammered to create an amazing effect. Prices vary from € 125.= to € 250.= depending on the size and finish. Please contact Bo if you are interested to acquire one.

Leather Rod Tube
Hand made (hammered) leather rod tube
Mohlin of Sweden Priests
Two priests created by Bo Mohlin

If you want to kill a fish and eat it, you have to make it a clean, fast kill. Just one, or two blows with a proper Priest on the head will do the trick. From time to time Bo creates some priests like those 2. If you are interested to acquire a priest, please contact Bo to see if he has some already made,. or if he can create one especially for you!