FRequently asked questions

Hand Wind Direction of a Mohlin Reel

Question: Is it possible to have the Hand Wind Direction changed?
Answer: No, it is not possible to change the Hand Wind Direction. A Mohlin reel is either Left Hand Wind or Right Hand Wind. 

Servicing & repairs

Question: I have a problem with my Mohlin reel, what can I do?
Answer: First have a look at the maintenance page on this website about how you can take care of maintenance yourself >>

Question: I have a problem with my Mohlin reel and I can’t fix it myself.
Answer: If you are the original owner of the reel, Bo will service or repair your reel for free. Repairs can take between 1 to 3 months.

Send your Mohlin reel to:
Bo Mohlin
Beatelundsvägen 5
572 76 Fårbo

Important shipping instructions!  Please make sure NOT to put a high value on the parcel! If you do, Swedish customs will demand import duties and/or VAT and Bo will NOT accept that, so your parcel will return without reaching Bo. Put a note in the parcel describing the problem, your address and your phone number. 

Contacting Bo Mohlin

Question: Why can it be difficult to get in contact with Bo Mohlin by telephone?
Answer: Most of the time Bo is busy creating reels in his workshop. When he’s working, he is not able to answer the phone. If he is not working in his workshop he’s out walking his dog, picking wild mushrooms or -why not- fly fishing for trout or salmon in the streams and lakes close to his house in Sweden. His advice: Just keep trying. (thanks for your patience)

Question: Why does Bo Mohlin not always answer my e-mail?
Answer: Bo rarely uses his computer. When he does, his inbox can be flooded with messages making it hard to answer them all. Sometimes messages get lost in a spam filter. If you don’t get any answer at all, try calling Bo at +46 491 333 83

Mohlin Trophy Trout
Mohlin Trophy Trout